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Studies show that glycoproteins in bird's nest can maintain cell health and promote blood circulation.Good for tissue and skin cell growth, anti-oxidation, etc. But also slow down the rate of cellular aging,Makes skin smooth and supple.


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Chicken essence is rich in nutritional ingredients, which can supplement the human body's amino acids, which is conducive to promoting and Maintain brain function and help refreshing effect.

Chicken Essence with Ginseng and Cordyceps

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In the busy life, you must also treat yourself well. Chinese medicine health can help Tune and improve sub-health issues.

Peach Gum

White-black Chinese fungus 100gm

Spore Head Cordyceps Flower 80gm

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鼠满乾坤福满门 福满人间

鼠来岁有余 年年有余

鼠年爆竹喧 福享新春

Confinement Herbal Package 30 Days

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A variety of mountain and sea flavors, with a package to satisfy your taste buds.

New Zealand FIsh Maw 100gm

Premium Braised Abalone

Premium Abalone in Soup

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White Dragon Fruit Enzyme

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father day package

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Chinese medicine health soup, as the name implies, is a soup made by adding Chinese medicine and ingredients, and stewed. The ingredients are exquisite, the soup is delicious and delicious, and the addition of Chinese medicinal materials to nourish the body makes Chinese medicine health soup a must-have for Chinese people. Less gourmet food. Guangdong’s Lao Huo Tang is a good example. It has a wide variety, unique taste and excellent production; but Lao Huo Tang is not all the Chinese medicine health soup, at most it is only the southern soup, another component of the Chinese medicine health soup, the northern soup. There are also many places where people are happy; pay attention to taste, promote the same supplement of medicine and food, etc.

Premium Angelica Slice 100 gm

Performance Tonic Soup

Panax notoginseng Soup

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Honey is a rare wild honey variety. Naturally matured Tualang honey contains Rich bioactive compounds including flavonoids, phenols, yeast, enzymes, minerals, Amino acids, etc.

Wild Tualang Honey 400ml

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Matricaria Recutita 100gm

Tea Series 花茶系列

Tea Series 花茶系列

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花茶Flower Tea

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