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20 Mar 2020
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Establish good eating habits
Chewing slowly can also help you lose weight. Prolonging the chewing time can stimulate the secretion of saliva and gastric juice, which is not only conducive to digestion and absorption, but also stimulates the brain to produce satiety. ② Good diet is an indispensable condition for a good figure!
Weight Management Tips
John of America? According to the concept of dynamic balance, Professor Fult made 7 suggestions for maintaining a healthy weight:
1.Sleep 8 hours a day;
2.Eat breakfast;
3. Walk 60 minutes a day;
4, record the food you eat, and calculate the energy intake;
5.Monitor weight;
6, relatives and friends support and encourage each other to maintain a healthy lifestyle;
7. Perseverance.
Weight management is a healthy life concept. This concept focuses on the combination of a balanced diet and reasonable exercise, lifestyle adjustments, and the support and encouragement of relatives and friends. Up to now, not only hundreds of millions of people around the world have experienced the benefits of healthy weight loss through weight management, but also tens of thousands of physically obese people have gained a healthy body and a more exciting life from weight management programs.
How does weight management work? The following knowledge points will surely allow you to more fully understand this weight loss concept and better manage weight.
Night is the easiest time to gain body fat
There is a lot of activity during the day, and almost all the food for breakfast and lunch is converted into energy for the activity. However, after dinner, the activity is reduced, so the excess calories become fat. Especially during sleep, it is easiest to synthesize fat and accumulate in the body. Therefore, it is not advisable to eat supper before going to bed, so that you can lose weight early.
Without breakfast, body fat will increase
Taking the same calorie intake as an example, people who eat two meals a day are more likely to get fat than those who eat three meals a day. Because the interval between eating is too long, the body will send a signal of hunger. When eating again, the food will be more easily converted into fat and stored in the body. So anyway, breakfast is a daily necessity.

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