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Healthy Ageing

20 Mar 2020
Healthy Ageing
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Hormones Imbalance
Hormones play a role in regulating the internal environment of the human body's metabolism, coordination between organs, growth, development, and reproduction. Hormones maintain the normal functioning of the human body's physiological functions. If the hormones are imbalanced, the physiological functions will decline and age, and various symptoms of maladjustment will appear. For example: irritability, irritability, insomnia, memory loss, pain, wrinkles, stains, etc. The loss of hormones and physiological pain accelerate the aging of the human body! In addition, autotoxicity and malnutrition can lead to aging.

Human Ageing in three stages
Stage I Mild aging 35-45 years
Slight wrinkles appear, lack of energy, overstretched energy, wilting, fatigue, decreased memory, cold, poor sleep, loss of appetite, dull skin, dark spots, decreased immunity, inattention, physical Some kind of discomfort or pain, but the doctor can't find the problem.
Stage 2 Moderate aging 45-55 years
Mood swings, irritability, anxiety, insomnia, paranoia, memory loss, menstrual disorders, libido, breast atrophy, abdominal distension, severe pigmentation, dry skin, decreased elasticity, enlarged pores, deepened wrinkles, hot flashes and sweating.
Stage 3 Severe aging after 55
The human body enters a period of rapid aging, the body is fully aging, and various diseases are entangled. After menopause of women around 45 years old, due to ovarian atrophy, estrogen secretion decreases, skin dehydration and wrinkling, breast sagging, and body shape become fatter. Depression and other mental illness. Women enter rapid aging.

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