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19 Mar 2020
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Lifestyle habits improve immunity:
1. Sleep quality:
Sleep is closely related to human immunity. Immunologists have found through self-sleep tests that good sleep can increase the number of two lymphocytes in the body.
Studies by medical experts have shown that during sleep, the body produces a sleep factor called muramic acid, which promotes the increase of white blood cells, active macrophages, and enhanced liver detoxification functions, thereby eliminating bacteria and viruses that invade the body.
2. Optimism:
An optimistic attitude can maintain the human body in an optimal state, especially in today's society, people face great pressure, and huge psychological pressure will lead to an increase in hormone components that have a suppressive effect on the human immune system, so they are susceptible to colds or Attack of other diseases.
3. Tolerance:
Tolerance is a good psychological quality. It not only contains understanding and forgiveness, but also shows strength and mind, strength and strength.
A person who does not tolerate and only knows others who are critical of others is often in a state of nervousness, which leads to nerve excitement, vasoconstriction, and increased blood pressure, which puts psychology and physiology into a vicious circle.
Learning to be tolerant will be stricter than self-discipline. Tolerant to others is tantamount to putting a regulating valve on your own psychology.
4. Moderate drinking:
Drink less than 100 ml of low-grade white wine, 250 ml of yellow wine, and no more than 1 bottle of beer every day, because alcohol has a negative impact on every part of the human body.
Even if drinking wine can lower cholesterol, you should limit one glass a day. Excessive drinking can cause great damage to blood and heart organs.
5. Strengthen exercise:
Three studies conducted by experts pointed out that after 30 to 45 minutes of exercise every day, 5 days a week, for 12 weeks, the number of immune cells will increase and the resistance will also increase. As long as your heart rate is quicker for exercise, walking after dinner is great.
6. Stay away from noise:
Noise not only hurts people's hearing, but also causes muscle tension, rapid heartbeat, vasoconstriction, and digestive system discomfort. This is the same as the body's response when frightened or stressed.
Long-term exposure to noise can cause adverse changes in blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and immune function.
Cornell University research found that women who work in noisy environments release more adrenaline and are more likely to develop heart disease than women who work in quiet offices.
The car whistle and dog bark make people feel that the uncontrollable sound is more harmful to the human body. Therefore, people should try to control the sound of the surrounding environment, even if they wear headphones, or ask the restaurant owner and gym manager to turn down the volume of the audio.
7. Internal environmental protection:
Improve the internal ecological environment. Studies have shown that beneficial bacteria groups represented by intestinal bifidobacteria and lactobacillus have broad-spectrum immunogenicity, can stimulate the division and reproduction of lymphocytes responsible for human immunity, and can also mobilize the non-specific immune system to ''eat ''Drop out all kinds of pathogenic foreign microorganisms, including viruses, bacteria, chlamydia, etc., and produce a variety of antibodies to improve the human immune system.

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