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17 Mar 2020
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Weight management
How to self weight management
Controlling energy intake
Controlling energy intake is to make the total daily energy intake less than or equal to the total daily energy expenditure. In this way, we need to get a good idea of ​​the energy contained in various foods. We often think that the most straightforward way to control energy is to avoid certain foods that are considered high in energy, such as soda.
In fact, the energy of soda is taken for granted, and the claim that drinking soda causes obesity is not based on facts.
According to the Coca-Cola packaging logo and the ''Chinese Food Ingredients 2009'' published by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention of Nutrition and Food Safety, the energy contained in 100 ml of Coca-Cola Soda is 43 kcal.) Card) is even lower. Therefore, it is very important to correctly understand the energy contained in food.
take more exercise
Is it easy to manage weight simply by holding your mouth? The answer is certainly not. Professor John Fult, an authoritative expert on obesity control in the United States, has suggested that the key to whether or not obesity is determined by whether the total amount of energy we consume and the total amount of energy consumed through exercise are balanced. The scientific way to maintain weight is to eat a balanced diet and use the energy you consume to exercise. ①Remember, you have to spread your legs!

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