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17 Mar 2020
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Everyone wants to be energetic and clear-minded! Sometimes we feel tight and unable to lift our bodies all the time, or even be unable to concentrate at work or at a meeting, a little anxious, and want to think but head strike. What is going on? Sleep quality is the key to our improvement, and it is also the key to personal health. When it was time to relax, some people were troubled by obstacles. They were tired and did n’t know how to relax, tired and rested, fell asleep and did n’t know how to fall asleep, still woke up when waking up, and became the beginning of troubles.
It is often thought that being able to fall asleep is a good night's sleep, and even feel happy when you hear your family scream, thinking that they are enjoying sweet dreams. In addition, many office workers like to exercise before bed, or drink to help sleep. In fact, these are all myths.
Because sleep accompanies a person's life, it contains multiple basic and important functions, which enhances immunity, reduces the chance of illness, integrates the brain, strengthens memory and creativity, and is therefore the foundation of vital health. In addition to paying attention to the quality and quantity of sleep, we also need to pay attention to diet, exercise and regular work and rest. Let yourself and your family sleep well and don't get overwhelmed by sleep debt. You need to learn this subject correctly and clarify related myths.

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