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Healthy Ageing

13 Mar 2020
Healthy Ageing
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Healthy Ageing
Aging is a direct manifestation of the slowing down of the human body, and it is also a natural process. The causes of aging are mainly the following: Over-oxidation The harmful effects of over-oxidation on the human body will accelerate aging, disease, and death; cause rapid tumor growth; cause inflammation and autoimmune reactions to damage the health of the body; produce pigmentation, and stains appear. Cell life Filling the gaps of cells with metabolic waste can also cause cell aging; cell mutations and chromosomal aberrations can also induce aging. Common causes include ionizing radiation and radiation hazards. Systemic failure The mental shock makes people suddenly aging, indicating that the brain center has a huge impact on aging. Some people will quietly die soon after the death of their relatives. This is a typical example of aging affected by the central nervous system. Protein aging The possible pathways are: errors in protein synthesis; aging of nucleoproteins; abnormal genes cause obstacles to protein synthesis, which causes aging of life.
Endocrine function Some scholars believe that the decline of gonad, thyroid, adrenal, pituitary and other functions will induce rapid aging of the human body. For example, patients with thyroid disease are prone to premature aging. Moreover, the view that the aging caused by thymus atrophy has intensified has also attracted more and more attention of experts and scholars. Microcirculation disorder Due to the deposition of a large amount of metabolic waste in the human body and the adhesion of pathological metabolic residues, many microvascular systems are destroyed, resulting in narrowing or even closure of the lumen of blood vessels, leading to microcirculation and circulatory disturbances, limiting the exchange activities of life metabolism, thus Causes cell aging.

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